Financial Information

Our offices participate in a variety of medical insurance plans, and our staff will be happy to assist you in understanding your coverage. You will be responsible for all co payments of the plans we participate with and full payment when we do not participate with your plan. For those patients with insurance that we do not participate with, our staff will fill out all the necessary insurance forms as a courtesy to insure you receive the maximum reimbursement from your insurance company. We feel it is very important that you know what your insurance covers. Due to the growing complexity of insurance plans available, we find that it is not always possible to give you an exact quote of what your insurance will cover. Within the limitations of the situation, we will do our best to calculate that amount for you prior to your treatment. Some plans also require a pre-determination of services, which can take up to three to six weeks to receive.

Our offices also participate with Care Credit and Alphaeon and plan to help finance your treatment.